All about Bungalow Extensions Oxfordshire

Don’t you think that it’s been a while, since you have conducted renovation work in your bungalow. May be it’s the right time for extending your property or developing your bungalow, which will lead to the increased value of your property. Among all different types of extensions, the bungalow extension Oxfordshire is one of the most popular and one of the best.

If you too are looking for extending your bungalow or property, then you need to about the whole process, otherwise this might become a hectic task for you. From the initial stage which includes consultation to the planning, you have to plan all the things. This things becomes crucial, when you seek help from an extension service. The whole process involves:

  • Visiting the site and consultation: You must first go and meet the people, who are going to conduct the whole extension process. You need to discuss the proposals which suits you and you must gather details about the measurements that will be required to prepare the drawings. You also have to talk about the fee breakdown, so that you can decide if you want to work with that particular service or not.
  • Measured Survey: If you are fine with the fee structure, then you a measured survey of your property will be carried out. This is done to prepare the drawings of the building in accordance with the plan.
  • Reviewing of planning policy: After the site visit, the review of the planning decisions will be done. This is to ensure that the proposal gains the permission for planning.
  • Drawings will be produced: The AD experts and the technicians will produce the drawings, which are necessary for the application of the plan.
  • Client review: after the production of the designs, the proposal will be send to you for the process of review. If you want nay alterations, then the concerned service will incorporate those changes and will make amendments.
  • Completion and submission of the planning application: When everything is done, then the planning application will be send to the local authority for approval. This process will be done online only.

The costing of extension:
Don’t go for the companies, which are providing you quotation without viewing your property. Go for the one, who is carrying out the site viewing and then providing a quotation to you. This will assure you that, later on there will be no changes in costing.

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