Reasons customers get a single story extension

a single story home extension is the simplest and most cost-effective way of increasing the space available to you and your family. it avoids potentially costly interventions into your main roof and reduces the amount of time needed on site. it eliminates the need to move and all the associated costs and inconvenience. at trusted builders we can provide you with what you want, rather than you having to settle for what happens to be available. we will work with you to satisfy your specific needs, whether it’s a study, a dining room, a tv room or a palm court.


  • you have minimal disruption to your daily life.
  • you avoid all the stress associated with buying a new property and selling your own.
  • you don’t have to pay solicitors and estate agents.
  • you don’t have to move all your possessions.
  • you stay in your community.
  • you add value to your property.
  • you get what you want.

Trusted Builders

Pros and cons of professional against diy option



using a professional company means that the job will be finished a lot faster. a timeline will be established so that you will know what is happening and when.


Quality of finish

using a professional company that employs skilled tradesmen means that all the work will be fit for purpose and finished to uniformly high standards.



using a professional company means that gas and electric installations will comply with the most up to date safety regulations. also, they will ensure that any structural work required is structurally sound.



a professional company will take care of ensuring that planning consents (if they are needed) are obtained and any necessary building regulations complied with.


Peace of mind

using a professional company means that you can be assured that the quality of work will be of the highest standard.

Trusted Builders



giving the job to a professional may appear to be expensive, but if you factor in your time and stress and all the potential delays it will be money well spent.


there can be an anxiety that builders will take over, however, a professional company will ensure that your needs are taken into account at all times during the process.

How to budget and costs

it must be remembered that the cost of materials is never the largest cost element of a job and that labour, transport, etc. must be factored in. it is also essential to work out a detailed plan of what you want as any changes that occur during the building process can be extremely expensive. so have some detailed discussions, draw up some plans and get a detailed quote.

Free detailed quote

check out our comprehensive, detailed, free quote for your job’s full costs on our online estimation system. we can take all the headaches of managing the project away from you and ensure that you get the space you want.



Trusted Builders

Trusted Builders

Good Service

Want a single storey extension to your home, then do contact Trusted -Builder for help as I did.”

– Iyan

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