A Home Renovation

A Home Renovation Oxfordshire

Without a doubt, our kitchen Oxfordshire has been the most difficult design, material, and budget challenge.

We knew early on that we wanted a large, black, monolithic galley, “like the control deck of the Death Star,” as my Star Wars-obsessed husband, Sean, characterised it!

So, how do you accomplish a minimalist design, a statement black colour that doesn’t seem frigid, enough cupboard space to operate as a kitchen, ‘plant’ room, and cloakroom storage, all on a small budget?

Kitchen layout Oxfordshire

I started with flooring because we’ve always wanted a polished concrete slab, and I was shocked when I got some bids because I had no clue concrete could be so pricey!

We were fortunate to come across a local company whose main business is constructing all of the floors for Gatwick airport, and they also offer poured-resin granite floors for residential buildings as a sideline. The quote was significantly cheaper, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

We returned to a former kitchen supplier to discuss our idea – Kitchen Warehouse Oxfordshire, a family-run firm situated in Yorkshire that not only manufactures incredibly high-quality kitchens at a very reasonable price, but also provides excellent customer service.

I described to Daniel, their kitchen designer, our intention to have a part-factory-produced, portion kitchen and asked if he’d be willing to collaborate with us to develop a one-of-a-kind design.

Daniel understood our concept right away and agreed to supply us with a carcass-only order, assisting us with the details of the design and supporting us every step of the way, even modifying a cabinet size while it was being manufactured in the workshop!

Materials for the kitchen Oxfordshire

So, for the cabinet doors, I got 18mm thick BB quality birch ply from Leading Edge CNC in Lewes, which could be millimetre perfect cut to a exact specs of all 53 door dimensions.

Adam at the Spray Centre in Peacehaven stained the ply black and applied a matt lacquer top coat (who was so patient with my often-stupid questions: “Adam, can you sand this same face and edges of a doors already when you spray them?” to which he gently replied, “Georgia, we’re inside the spraying biz as well as dust is our nemesis…”!)

A cut-to-size 20mm thick, broad stave, oak worktop from Good Timber; a deep stainless trough sink; integrated appliances; featured pendant lighting; and an induction burner were among the more straightforward choices. We were all set to depart.

Our carpenter Ben and his team, Bob and Ken, had the kitchen up and running in just two days – like a jigsaw puzzle, each component slotted in, and…ta dah: a kitchen.

I am quite proud of what we have accomplished and of the people that have assisted us.

A lovely setting

Our restaurant Oxfordshire is monolithic & minimalist, but it’s also warmed by oak wood, softened by view of hedgerow thru the backsplash window, and it truly comes to life in the evening when we switch off the bright spots and the pendant lights make space glow.

The cabinet doors are stunning in my opinion – they are a floor a ceiling wall of slate grey at first glance, but the closer you look, the more the natural grain of the plywood shows through, producing captivating ebony rivers and swirls.

The underfloor heating works beautifully thru the resin concrete floor, heating my feet as I prepare fish fingers for the kids.

The tall pocket door cabinet that created so many headaches for our construction team perfectly conceals all of the unsightly but necessary culinary gear of kettle, toaster, and coffee machine.

The powder pink drapes and our blush-topped ply dining table soften the monochromes. Plants in pots strewn throughout the room add nature into the space.

We haven’t, thankfully, designed a kitchen inspired by a set from a Star Wars film, but it is our home’s command centre. It is where meals are consumed, coffee is exchanged, emails are sent, schoolwork is unwillingly completed, board games are played, and bottles of wine are opened. It is the beating heart of our family.

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How to Select a Builder Oxfordshire

When looking for a builder in the UK Oxfordshire, you must be certain that you have chosen the best contractor for your house or commercial project. After all, poor service will result in poor results that you will regret for years to come.

Knowing that you need a decent contractor and knowing how to choose a builder, on the other hand, are two whole different things. You’ll have all the knowledge you need by the end of this straightforward guide.

Why is it important to choose a builder Oxfordshire?

Before you start thinking about a builder’s credentials, you should understand why it’s so crucial to do your homework. Nobody wants to waste time on a procedure that isn’t important. However, the importance of hiring the correct contractor for your residential or business construction project cannot be overstated.

Some of the most telling advantages of hiring the appropriate builder Oxfordshire include, but are not limited to;

• You will be given works that have been done to the greatest standards.

• Your project will be finished on time and within budget.

• You can enlist the assistance of a professional who can advise you on the best projects.

• Your tasks can be accomplished in a logical order and at the appropriate time of year.

• You will be covered from any financial or structural damage that may occur.

• Your work will be backed up by long-term quality assurances.

• You will be able to enter the operation with complete confidence.

In summary, learning how to choose a builder will ensure that you receive the most convenient, cost-effective, and thorough service possible.

What to look for in a contractor Oxfordshire

When you are actively looking for a builder, you must make certain that no stone is left unturned. The ugly reality is that there are many contractors that will not meet your expectations. However, with the following checklist at your disposal, the road to locating a dependable builder will be much smoother.

Examine their placement.

It is always preferable to work with a builder who has a local presence, especially if you live in a busy area like West London or Surrey. To ensure on-time service, a local builder will be familiar with the roads and other issues in the area. And if you need to contact them for any reason, they will answer swiftly.

Look for suggestions.

A suggestion from a friend or relative who has recently had building work completed would naturally put your mind at ease. However, you are no longer limited to votes of confidence from people you know. Verified ratings and testimonies will help you find the perfect contractor.

Check their credentials.

A builder who is a member of a guild or trade group, such as the National Federation of Builders, is certified to offer high-quality work. As a result, every client should request to access the relevant facts. You can confirm them by contacting the regulatory authority directly.

Look for proof of their work.

Every builder will tell you how wonderful they are, but seeing is believing. As a result, requesting images of previous projects is strongly encouraged. Not only will you be able to evaluate the quality of their work, but you will also be able to assess whether the contractor genuinely specialises in the type of work you require.

Seek out cost estimates that are specific.

There’s nothing worse than being surprised with a bill. A qualified contractor will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the project expenses, including materials and labour. Furthermore, all repayment terms should be fully disclosed in writing. Aside from providing additional safety, it ensures that all parties are aware of their respective positions.

Request guarantees.

You need assurance regarding the quality of work whether you are having a little domestic upgrade or a major business renovation. It will be provided by guarantees of workmanship, materials, and other aspects. It’s pointless to have a nice-looking project that will need to be fixed in a few months.

What to stay away from

You must recognise and respond to red flags in addition to ensuring that the builder has the proper credentials. Some of the most common are as follows:

• Demanding money up ahead,

• Failure to provide a contract,

• Providing a ‘VAT-free’ service

• No prior experience in the industry.

• There is no proof or recommendations.

Once again, the goal is to develop trust that you will obtain the service you have requested at a reasonable price.

Schedule your builder today.

If you need a builder in the UK Oxfordshire, Trusted Builders offers a wide range of residential and commercial services. We check all of the above boxes, with plenty of recommendations, evaluations, and examples of our work. We will always provide transparent costings and specifications to put both parties at rest while also producing work in accordance with the UK Oxfordshire building laws. Arrange for a free quote today to take the first steps in improving your building.

Brick extensions to the home

Brick extensions to the home Oxfordshire

Most people would like more space in their homes, whether for an extra bedroom, a larger living room or kitchen, or even a hobby room. However, because fewer people can afford to move these days, they look for ways to improve their current home.

Many Oxfordshire builders have reported a significant increase in the number of home extension projects currently being ordered. Previously, brick-built extensions were built simply to improve the appearance of the home. Today, however, the extension may be absolutely necessary due to an elderly relative moving in who can no longer manage the stairs or, more commonly, because the family’s children are unable to leave home because they cannot afford to. Whatever the reason, the brick-built home extension remains the most common type of home extension.

Many home extensions these days are PVCu conservatories or other heavily glazed structures, but brick, stone, or flint-built extensions are still very popular.

Traditional brick built extensions vs conservatories

One possible reason for opting for a brick-built extension Oxfordshire is that you prefer this same building to also be made of brick, stone, or some other material; this may even depend on your local area, or there may be planning restrictions or restrictive covenants attached to your property. Even if planning regulations did not require it, the outer walls of a new extension in certain rural areas might look better if they were made of flint and brick.

Conservatories grew in popularity for two reasons. The first was that double glazing companies discovered that their units were so inexpensive to manufacture that they might provide conservatories at a very competitive price, and the second was that there is no need to apply for building regulation control as long as they are separated from the main house by solid external quality doors. This made conservatories much easier to build than brick-and-mortar extensions.

The advantages of traditional brick building methods

Brick or stone structures can provide far more than a glass and PVCu unit. For starters, the possibilities are virtually limitless. A traditional build is the way to go, especially if you are adding more than one storey. If you need more than one room, even on a single level, a traditional design makes dividing far more coherent unlike walls within a conservatory, especially if one of the rooms is a bathroom, shower room, or toilet.

A traditionally brick-built addition Oxfordshire will also be more insulated than a double-glazed conservatory. The structure will also have a cavity between both the inner wall, which is usually made of breezeblock, as well as the outer wall, which is the more decorative layer of brick. To improve the heat retention properties of the brick wall, the cavity can be filled via an insulating layer.

Services and utilities

Fitting utilities is also much easier in a brick-built extension Oxfordshire. If you’re going to build a kitchen, for example, it’s much easier to fit cabinets against a solid brick wall and run all of the supply pipes for water and gas, as well as the cabling for electricity, through the brick walls than it is to try to hide them in a conservatory.

Mounting electrical outlets and shelving, for example, is much easier. These things aren’t impossible in a conservatory; they’re just more difficult and challenging, and thus usually more expensive.

Project for building

Of course, a brick-built extension Oxfordshire is more of a construction project that will take longer to complete than erecting a conservatory. Building regulation approval will also be required, but the rules regarding whether or not planning permission are required are the same regardless of the construction method.

These will vary depending on where you live in the United Kingdom Oxfordshire, but your local planning office will be able to provide leaflets and advice to help you navigate this potential minefield.

Make the right decision

If you need more than one room, and especially if you want to use the rooms all year without incurring a large heating bill, brick construction, while more expensive to build, will provide what you need in the long run.

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House Extension Planning

As the Oxfordshire UK economy continues to struggle in recent months, it is no surprise that the number of people looking for local home builders has increased. The main reasons why so many people are now choosing this route to buying a home include the low cost, large choice of builders, and the fact that they can be tailored to meet every individual’s requirements.

If you want to buy your own home in the Oxfordshire UK, there are some things that you will need to consider before you contact any builders. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that you take the time to find a builder that you feel is right for you. To do this, several aspects should be looked at, including what type of property you want to buy, how much you are willing to spend and where you would like to live.

Once you have found a company that you feel is the ideal choice, you will then need to ensure that you meet with them to discuss your requirements. For example, you may want to find out how many bedrooms they plan to build, what extras they would add on to the home, if they have an understanding of your budget and whether or not they are fully insured. There are also plenty of sites online that allow you to look up information about local home builders in the Oxfordshire UK.

Another great reason to use these sites is because they are free of charge. This is great news for anyone who wishes to save money, as many builders offer cheaper rates when you use their services. Although it may take some time to find the right company, it is definitely worth the effort to have peace of mind that you will be able to purchase your new home on time.

Local home builders are also able to tailor-make their plans to meet your specific needs. For instance, they can create a home that is suited to your exact specifications, regardless of how big or small your home is. This makes it easy for you to find a home that suits your exact needs, while also ensuring that the process is convenient and hassle-free.

By using the above-mentioned tips, you can ensure that you will be able to find the perfect home in the Oxfordshire UK at a reasonable price. By following these tips, you should be able to narrow down the options available to find the perfect home for your needs in just a few hours!

House Extension Planning

You have to be aware of the basic rules and regulations regarding house extensions before you start your home-extension project. The regulations are designed to protect both the client and the property owner from unnecessary complications during the house-extension process.

To comply with these laws, you need to follow certain guidelines and have a professional property planning company assist you in the planning process. These professionals will guide you through the entire process and provide you with a detailed report that will include detailed information about your home’s exterior, interior, windows, and other features. They will also advise you on the type of material to use for your new extension and whether it is safe to use.

The first thing to know about house extensions in the Oxfordshire UK is that you have to get permission from the local council to proceed with the extension. This means you will have to apply for a planning permit to install a new door, window, or other extension to your home.

You will also need planning permission if you plan to put new stairs onto your home. This can be extremely expensive, so if you cannot make the extension yourself, then you may want to ask your local council if they can help you.

When looking at house extensions in the Oxfordshire UK, you need to have the home inspected by a building inspector. He will do a thorough walkthrough of your home. He will inspect everything from the foundations to the ceilings, walls, and any other features. He will also look for any hidden hazards that could cause damage to your home.

There are two main types of house extensions – internal and external. An external extension extends the length of the existing door or window by extending the wall to a larger height. An internal extension adds an interior partition so that your existing door and window can become a second room. This will allow you to create a larger living space and free up space on the floor.

Before embarking on house extensions in the UK, you need to find out whether your home is zoned for extensions. Many council areas have specific limits on how many stories an extension can extend on to. If yours is not zoned, you can expect to pay a fee before you can proceed.

If you do decide to carry out house extensions in the Oxfordshire UK, you should always hire a professional. A reputable property planning company will provide a variety of advice throughout the house extension process including how to go about the planning process and where to find house extensions companies that provide the best services in your area.

The most common way to gain planning permission to install house extensions in the UK is to get it written into your current tenancy agreement. Your local council will often give you a copy of your tenancy agreement upon entering into a tenancy.

Another way to gain planning permission is to get a variance for your property. This basically means that your landlord allows you to raise your rent in certain parts of your property. This allows you to raise the amount that you can borrow against your home. If you so wish to.

It may seem like the house extensions planning in the Oxfordshire UK process is complicated, but in reality, it isn’t. There are many planning consultants around the country that specialize in this area. All you need to do is contact your local council, and they will be able to guide you through the whole process. In most cases, they will require that you pay them for the service, but some companies offer this as part of a package for free.

House extensions in the UK may be slightly different to those in the US because most of them are built to be permanent. If you want to extend your property into a new room, then you need to secure planning permission from your local council. In general, your new room will need to have a different roof or window. There are exceptions to this rule, and you may have to pay extra for changing a garage door.

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